FAVI Pico+ WiFi Projector with Miracast Preview

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    The FAVI Pico+ projector is barely larger than your iPhone but still has full-sized HDMI (MHL compatible) and USB ports as well as an SD card slot. The real claim to fame of the Pico+ is that it can become its own WiFi hotspot so that you can stream to it via Miracast, DNLA, or Apple's AirPlay. There are some concerns, however, as the battery will only last up to 3 hours in eco-mode, the native resolution is pretty low, and it only sports 85 lumens. Still, with such a cool form factor and tons of useful features, we're betting more than one business executive has the FAVI Pico+ on their wish list.

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    I am really hoping Audioholics gets in some of their screens and projectors for review. The prices are ridiculously good, but no way to actually judge the performance to the may other well known major companies.....

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