Driving 2 Speakers Through 5.1 Receiver

Discussion in 'Beginners and Audiophytes' started by sfbentley, Dec 17, 2013.

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    Hey all,

    Many apologies if this has been posted before (which I'm sure it has), but I''m trying to get into the A/V scene, but trying to take it slow. Full disclosure, I'm just as interested in music quality as from the TV. The first thing I was thinking to look into was to get a nice pair of speakers and a receiver, and then slowly add on from there (add a subwoofer soon-ish, and then maybe upgrade to 5.1 surround in the further future). I was trying to spend maybe a little bit more than just bottom level but still be reasonable. I was thinking I might start with Klipsch KF-26 speakers that I saw from Best Buy and possibly a Denon E300 receiver. I figured that would give me the option to upgrade to 5.1 down the road, while still giving me a decent receiver with alot of the functions I'm interested in, such as AirPlay, Spotify, etc. To be perfectly honest I'm pretty green about how receivers/speakers mesh with each other, so my main question is, will I be sacrificing alot of quality in terms of driving the speakers with a 5.1 receiver? Are either of the components way over/undermatched to each other? I appreciate any help anyone can offer, or even if you can just point me in the direction of an article about this stuff I'd be happy to try to learn on my own.

    Thanks for any help!

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    This is exactly what I am doing. I won some Aperion Audio speakers through Audioholics' contests and purchased a Pioneer 5.1 receiver. It is bad for tv viewing, but music is pretty good. That is because the speaking track is overwhelmed by the audio tracks. I've played with the equalizer to compensate, but I'm just not that good at boosting it. I will get a center channel before I get a sub.

    Airplay is ok, but most receiver will allow you to play music from your system in one way or another so it isn't a killer app.
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    Denon is a respected brand. Also take a look at accessories4less.com

    No. You will be fine, assuming that the amp is sufficient to the speakers. Looking at your speakers' specs: you should be fine

    You chose your AVR based on the features you want the AVR to have. You chose your speakers based on their sound. It's pretty much that simple.

    About the only case of "mismatch" is when the AVR can't power the speakers and also lacks a pre-amp out. If you were powering a big pair of Maggies or the like, we might have to discuss that case. You are not, so you are good to go.
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