BenQ W1500 Wireless Projector Preview

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    The BenQ W1500 has a ton of features. With a wireless high definition streaming solution, 3D, ISF certification, 6000 hour lamp life, and much more, there is a lot to like here. At $2300, there better be. While it might be cheaper to buy a similiarly featured projector and hire someone to run wires for you, that may not be possible for many. The only thing we can find left off the feature list is horitontal lens shift. For many, that's not even close to a deal breaker and the WHDI wireless streaming more than makes up for it. If you need a wireless projector, the BenQ W1500 should be on your list. We can't wait to see how well it performs.

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    Why do manufacturers continue to insist their product is 'wireless'?? It would be more correct to say that their projector can use the WHDI standard for video signal in functions. Until these do not require a power cord, or any other hookup that uses good old fashioned copper for that matter, it is NOT wireless!!
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    My biggest headache is that 'wireless hdmi' in advertising is not guaranteed. It doesn't say "wireless at 65 feet" - it says UP TO. That means, that if you get 3', then that falls in the range of 'up to'.

    Certainly the article makes a great point of running your HDMI cable from the equipment to the projector location, but you might as well throw in getting the power to the projector as well since that's something most people aren't willing to handle themselves.

    I think BenQ has managed to get rid of their real clunker products and has some relatively decent stuff and certainly delivers for a great price, but if companies are going to add bells and whistles which go beyond basic projection, then those additions either need to be dirt cheap, or need to be brilliantly implemented. Perhaps this DOES achieve that goal, but if it doesn't, then that needs to be pointed out in testing and some real testing of the range of the WHDI needs to be tried out when this projector is tested.

    Also worth finding out if the use of WHDI may somehow also impact EDID, though I would expect WHDI to be used on the output side of an AV receiver.

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