Your alphabetical DVD list?

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Assume you're going to break-in your friends new Home Theater with some DVD watching and have to pick one movie for each letter of the alphabet. BUT, You're not allowed to pick any movie thats part of a series (ie: Lord of the Rings, Kill Bill, StarWars) movies that stand on their own merits but had sequels after-the-fact are acceptible (Jurassic Park).

My picks:

A. The adentures of baron muchaussen / Akira
B. Battle Royale
C. Conan The Barbarian
D. Dracula (1992)
E. Event Horizon
F. Fight Club
G. Ghostbusters
H. Highlander / Hero
I. Interview with the vampire
J. Jurassic Park / Jaws / Jaccobs Ladder
K. Kung-Pow: Enter the Fist
L. Labyrinth
M. The Matrix
N. The Nightmare before Christmas
O. Orgazmo
P. Pulp Fiction
Q. The Quest
R. Robocop
S. Se7en
T. The Thing / Tales from the Darkside
V. The vanishing
W. Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
X. X-Men (wins by default, only competition is XXX)
Y. Yojimbo
Z. Zatoichi (Takashi kintano)

Letters with more than one movie will be decided by trial of Paper-rock-scissors


Here is my list:

A. Armageddon
B. Bad Boys 2
C. Crimson TIde
D. Dante's Peak (DTS)
E. Eagles (DTS)
F. Fantasia 2000
G. Gladiator (DTS6.1)
I. Incredibles
J. Jurassic Park
K. Kill Bill Vol. 1
L. Ladder 49
M. Matrix
O. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou
P. Patriot SB
R. The Rock Criterion
S. Spiderman 2
T. Terminator 2
U. U-571
V. The Village
X. X-Men 2

Well, its not complete, I will update it when I can come up with some other movies.

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