Yamaha YPAO R.S.C. multipoint on newer 2.1 amps (N-R1000a, R2000a)



I'm trying to determine if the YPAO on the new generation of Yamaha 2.1 (stereo) receivers is capable of multi-point calibration. In prior generations, the AVRs that featured R.S.C. (Reflective Sound Control) allowed for several (multipoint) measurements throughout the listening space.

The older R.S.C. microphones are triangle which allow for multiple direction measurements.

The YPAO mic that comes with the N-R1000a doesn't appear to be multi-directional.

It was generally agreed that single location calibration wasn't very good and the more locations calibrated the better the YPAO correction performed.
Nevertheless the N-R1000a and variants are advertised as featuring R.S.C. YPAO.
Did Yamaha cripple the YPAO by not allowing multi-point calibration on these newer stereo receivers?


Audioholic Jedi
Just took look at the N-R1000A manual, it sure doesn't say anything about more than one mic position and I'd suspect accordingly that it only uses the one. Maybe for 2.1 they didn't think it as effective?

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