Yamaha YHT-4910U HTiB with Virtual Cinema Front DSP



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As an Audioholics forum member, a preview of another HTiB probably isn't that exciting.

However, what do you think about Yamaha's Virtual Cinema Front DSP, which allows you to place all five speakers at the front of your room and "steer" the sound to the back of the room?

Read the full preview: Yamaha YHT-4910U Home Theater in a Box Preview


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The DSP reminds me of Aureal A3D from the 90's. I had an Aureal Vortex 2 sound card for a few years in my PC back in the day. The demo sounds were pretty convincing, but I never came across any games employing A3D, or any other practical use. Between lack of content and a lawsuit with Creative Labs, it's little wonder they went under. But the tech was interesting, anyway.

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