Yamaha test tone, set-up, other questions.

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    Just picked up a Radio Shack SPL meter and messing about with my year-old Yamaha RX-V2600....trying out manual adjustment vs. auto.
    Question: It seems that the internal generated test tone for adjusting/leveling individual channels is at a fixed volume. Correct? Messing with the master volume doesn't seem to affect the test tone volume.
    ...So, I'm adjusting channel levels to 75 dB in the room as read on the SPL meter using the test tone exactly as generated by the Yamaha. Correct? Seems right when I do it. Or is there an adjustable level for the test tone?
    Other set up thoughts:
    1) I started with the Auto settings...left the "equalizer" settings alone per auto (seems like a can of worms to get into this manually).
    2) measured and entered distances (required only slight corrections)
    3) changed speaker settings to "small"
    4) set bass to "SWFR" (subwoofer only...not both)
    5) used 60 Hz cross-ever....(I have "big" mains (Klipsch RF-7) with low extension)
    6) used the "fixed" test tone generated by the Yammi to equalize each channel's volume to 75 dB as heard in the listening position by the SPL meter.
    7) also, set the Sub channel to 75 dB. Or does this need higer or lower setting? I seemed to recall some recording level issues on another board re: DTS or DD sub-woofer levels. I also heard that matching the sub at 75 dB might be "subjectively" too low since the ear is less sensitive at this level. Bring it up 5 dB? 10dB? I know that listening will improve this...just checking your experience.
    8) I suppose using a test-tone disc played from the DVD player would yield
    more accurate balance. True or False?

    Please comment on your own set-up experience. All opinion on mine is welcome. Thanks
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    I would suggest you might want to leave the speaker distances, including sub, as the distence auto EQ has set them. At least on Denon's Audyssey auto EQ the distances to the sweet spot including the sub, and speakers is optimized and will usually read a bit differently than a hand measurement.

    I suspect that once you set your main speakers to small SWFR is moot. [/quote]

    A personal preference issue. Though the Klipsch speakers may play low, your sub may do a better job of it. I played around a bit and decided that 80Hz sounded best with my Studio 20s.

  3. zumbo Audioholic Spartan

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    Same set-up for me.


    One thing to note. The auto EQ is parametric. The manual is graphic.

    I ran set-up with sub gain half way. I usually run it a little over half after set-up. Some dvd's, such as The Grudge 2, have to be turned down for me. The LFE track on this dvd will lift the roof off the house.

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