Yamaha RX-V365 5.1 Home Theater Receiver



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This past year we reached a place where almost anyone can enjoy surround sound. There are two paths to home theater nirvana - or at least the start if it: a home theater-in-a-box system, or building a 5.1 system from quality entry level components. Yamaha's RX-V365, with its MSRP of just $249.95 makes it one of the least expensive ways to get into an HDMI-equipped AV receiver. The receiver has two HDMI inputs, and while each are merely switched inputs and don't read the new high resolution audio formats, they do provide a nice way to feed two components into a newer HDMI-equipped HD television. Because these 1080p-compatible HDMI inputs don't strip off the audio, you'll need to grab audio from either an optical or multi-channel 5.1 analogue audio source.

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