<font color='#000000'>I have the same question as another post I saw on here. &nbsp;I just bought the rx-2400. &nbsp;I am looking to buy speakers for this receiver. &nbsp;I am setting up a movie room. &nbsp;It is new construction. &nbsp;12'x40'. &nbsp;The purpose of the room is movies with a 12 ft screen for movies. &nbsp;I want all audio to be on one end where the seating is. &nbsp;The primary purpose is surround sound for movies, although I will be listening to music also. I &nbsp;I don't want big towers, as it will get in the way of the screen. &nbsp;I want speakers I can hang from the ceiling, mount on the ceiling, floor, walls. &nbsp;I was thinking of getting in wall speakers for the rear channels. &nbsp;I am willing to spend about $2500 on speakers. &nbsp;I would really appreciate some help with speaker models that will sound the best in this atmosphere. &nbsp;Thanks</font>


<font color='#000000'>I have heard many good things about Paradigm. &nbsp;I can't seem to find these speakers online anywhere. &nbsp;Are these good speakers? &nbsp;If someone could help me set up a system with these speakers, it would be greatly appreciated. &nbsp;Also, the ceiling is slanted from left to right. &nbsp;It goes from 12' tall on the left side down to 9' tall on the right side. &nbsp;I need to mount all the speakers some how. &nbsp;How about suspensions form the ceiling. &nbsp;Or mounts. &nbsp;Basically, I need speakers that can accommodate this, but I want an awesome sounding system. &nbsp;Thanks</font>


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<font color='#000000'>You can find Paradigm here:

Or, If you need wall mount speakers, look at the MB Quart QLS-230 wall mount speakers at Yawa. They are authorized to sell &amp; give a free 30 day in home test with a 5 year warranty! Look here:</font>


<font color='#000000'>I have this receiver as well. I have Snell E.5MK2 towers as mains with the matching center CR.5 speaker in the home theater room. For rear surrounds I use an old but refurbished pair of Sonab upward-firing full-range speakers. These are augmented by a Velodyne F series subwoofer. I have all speakers set to small on the receiver's set up to send the LFE signals to the sub.

I have a second pair of Snell E.5MK2 speakers in the living room for music only. I ran a second inter-connect under the floor so I can easily interchange the sub's location.

These are terrific speakers. They have an SPL of 91 (if memory serves), they are fully shielded and have adjustment switches to customize the sound depending on whether they are next to a cabinet or free standing. the rear firing tweeter can be defeated if the sound is too bright for your room (sometimes a criticisim of Yamaha output).

I am in the market for their surround speakers to mount on the ceiling to upgrade to a 7.1 system but the $1200/ pair price is a bit dear right now.

These are not widely available but definately worth an audition. Here is the link to their website: http://www.snellacoustics.com/index.htm.

I also have the Yamaha S2300 MKII DVD player.</font>


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<font color='#000000'>12'x40'

Is this the interior dimensions, and how high are the ceilings? &nbsp;If it is this large, then you'll probably need more juice than the 2400 can dish out. &nbsp;You will also need very efficient speakers to fill a room of this size without needing to buy an amp that is too expensive. &nbsp;Using your 2400 in conjuction with a rotel, adcom, or b&amp;k amp would definitely improve things if your room is large. &nbsp;

Please give us some more details. &nbsp;What are your listening habits, preferences, and expecations?


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