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The RX-V1065 is one of the newer receivers out of the AV giant and is retailing for just under a grand. There is no doubt that the Yamaha RX-V1065 is packed full of features. The problem is that the features on the most part aren't all that new. Over the previous Yamaha offerings you are gaining a brand new GUI which may help simplify user interaction (something that is probably a selling point for your family more than for you), some album art/information display, and an HDMI input. The question is, does the RX-V1065 have enough of what you want?

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Any plans for athrough test of this lates offering from Yamaha?


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Boy this sure generated alot of discussion..:)
As noted in the article, Yamaha releases something new all the time, so it is hard to get excited about a new model. One of the interesting things is the loss of so many features, like the S-Video inputs. I have seen people posting at this site that they want manufacturers to get rid of such things to save money, but the simple fact is, such features do not make much difference in cost. Once you have composite and component video inputs, and conversion to HDMI, you may as well have an S-video input also, as it is not going to have to do much different from what it has to have in it anyway.

The next time I buy a receiver, I will look at Yamaha to see what they are offering at the time, though I think they are making their lineup less desirable than in the past. I would rather have the RX-V863 than the new RX-V1065. Given that USB seems to be in everything these days (my BD player has one, and so does the last DVD player I purchased), that does not matter much; the extra HDMI input on the RX-V1065 is a good thing, but given that one can buy an HDMI switch box for not too much, and given what is given up, I really think the RX-V1065 is a worse value than the RX-V863 was. But I do not expect to need anything new any time soon; I have the Yamaha RX-V2700, which, although it does not have the newest decoders, does have the ability to accept multichannel PCM via HDMI, so I am currently enjoying the new formats decoded in my BD player. I do not need a new receiver, and do not think I will for a very long time.


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I noticed that the price for this is the same as the Marantz 6003 and personally, I think I would go in that direction rather than in this one.


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I noticed that the price for this is the same as the Marantz 6003 and personally, I think I would go in that direction rather than in this one.
Me too! I have also been looking at the 6003.

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