Yamaha RX-A4A Atmos audio from music apps?



I can not figure out how to get Atmos audio music to play from specifically Amazon Music app built in to the receiver. It will not play Atmos encoded music or atleast the amp does not show that it is decoding it. From my cell phone Amazon app I can see the music is encoded but when I pull it up through MusiCast it only shows HD and the decoder never comes on. Also I have an LG C1 OLED that has apps including Amazon Music. And again I cant stream Atmos. Netflix, Apple, etc video apps all work perfectly presenting Dolby Vision and Atmos with no issue. The decoder comes on without problem. How is everyone listening to Atmos music? Am I missing something?


Audioholic Ninja
Hello and welcome! Music streaming apps built into receivers do not support Atmos from any service. Atmos from Amazon Music works on the Echo Studio and headphones. That’s it. Atmos from Apple Music works on the Apple TV 4K via HDMI. It does not work over Airplay 2. Tidal Atmos music tracks can be played on the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Gen 3, Fire Cube Gen 1 and 2, Nvidia Shield TV and Shield TV Pro and some Phillips and Sony TVs.

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