Yamaha Bluetooth Receiver YBA-10 or 11



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I'm looking at the Nyrius Songo -45.00 on amazon for my older Integra receiver in the garage.
I assume the Yamaha is universal as well. I like the USB power thing on the yam but no USB on the old receiver.
Not sure if the Yamaha has the NFC connect feature or whether you can run more than one device to it.
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NFC is supported, per the Amazon Q&A, for the YBA-11 model and according to the RX-A3000 owner's manual, up to 8 devices can be paired. I would assume that is also valid for the RX-A3010, 3020 & 3030 models.

Regarding USB power for the YBA-11 unit, here is a link to the Yamaha product Q&A.
YBA-11 Will it work with my receiver? - YBA-11 - Accessories - Audio & Visual

The older YBA-10 unit, which is not available anymore, came with a dock connection cable, which provided power.


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Impressions of Yamaha YBA-11 Bluetooth receiver

Price: Reasonable ($45 from Amazon)

Pairing & Connection: Pretty intuitive and easy, provided you know your ancillary Bluetooth equipment procedures for pairing.

Niggles: Power to the YBA-11 is only via a power USB cable, to a powered USB port on the AVR or a separately purchased USB power adapter. This wasn’t an issue with my RX-A3000 but the USB port is located on the front panel and aesthetically I just don’t like to see any visible cables. The last 2 series of Yamaha Aventage AVR’s have smartly located the USB power source on the rear panel. The range on the unit varies, depending on the physical layout of your home. I have an old farmhouse that I converted with 2 feet thick walls in some sections, so my range is limited to about 25’ to 30’, before the signal cuts out. I would assume in a modern home you can extend that a bit further.

Conclusion: While it’s not a must have accessory, the convenience for friends/family who want you to hear their favorite tunes from their phone/tablet is a great convenience and provided the source material is of high quality, I think you’ll be pleased.

Richard Thornton

I have a Yamaha R-S700, and need a YBA-10 but can't find one. Is there anything else that will work?

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