would it make sense to use 2 receivers in my 7.2.4 setup? one for the 7 and one to power the 4 atmos speakers?



It is better to buy a 7.2 receiver for the 7 main speakers and 2 subs and then buy a 5.1 receiver for just the Atmos speakers? Ive seen others who use multiple receivers but im confused on how it actually works.


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If you want a 7.2.4 setup you'd use an avr or pre-pro capable of the needed 11 channels of processing. The avr may or may not have sufficient amps on board to handle the whole set of speakers (and 11 channels of processing generally come with an avr with 9 ch of amps or more), or you can use external amps via the avr's pre-outs for all or part of them (as long as the avr has pre-outs). If you use a pre-pro you just get sufficient amps to cover the needed 11 channels. Using two different receivers could work if you already had one and wanted to use it's amp section only as an external amp, but would need the appropriate inputs to do so and generally an external amp would be the better way to go.


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Keep in mind that the term "receiver" typically means a processor with built in amplification. You would need 1 receiver or 1 AV processor to control your system. How you decide to power the speakers can then be done in any combination of receivers and/or amplifiers. What you have seen with "multiple receivers" is likely a system that has an AV processor (no built in amplification) which then feeds a single, or multiple amplifiers.
I've always "only" had a 5.1 system. I started with a Yamaha "receiver" which functioned as the brains and the power. After a while I wanted to upgrade (more power) so I purchased an Anthem amplifier and connected it to the Yamaha. At this time the Yamaha was the brains of the operation and the Anthem provided the power. I currently have a Anthem AV processor driving the same Anthem amp I've had for a while. If I ever wanted to expand my 5.1 system, I'd have to buy additional amplifiers as my current amp only has 5 channels.

I hope this helps!
William Lemmerhirt

William Lemmerhirt

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No. Using two receivers what some guys did in the early days of Atmos, before things were a little more affordable and accessible. I have 7.x.4 in my house. I used a Marantz 6012, with 11ch processing, but only channels of power. Long before I went to Atmos, I added a two channel amp for my LR mains. Now, I still do that, but my AVR powers all surrounds, and tops.
So, in your case I’d recommend doing the same. BUT, if your couch is against the back wall(which iirc it’s not)I would not go for 7ch bed layer. And depending on how close the couch is to the back wall, I might only go 5.x.2.
However, if you have a few feet behind the couch, then 7.x.4 should be an easy choice.

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