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&quot;&quot;WMI's International DVD-A Campaign Rolls Out

(Sept. 5, 2002) London -- Warner Music International (WMI), through its Warner Vision International (WVI) division, is set to launch an international DVD-Audio (DVD-A) campaign with 60 titles available from August 26, 2002 and further releases scheduled for later in the year.

The recordings have been re-mixed from the original masters to take advantage of the superior Advanced Resolution surround and stereo sound quality now possible with DVD-Audio.

All titles also feature a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound mix which is playable on all DVD-Video players as well as PS-2, DVD-ROMs and DVD enabled X-Box players.

Major albums in the initial campaign include Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, Eagles' Hotel California, Doobie Brothers' Captain &amp; Me, The Band's The Last Waltz, and Daniel Barenboim's Beethoven Symphonies Nos 1 &amp; 2.. Phase two of the campaign from September includes recent high profile albums such as Linkin Park's Reanimation and Alanis Morissette's Under Rug Swept as well as classic titles from R.E.M, Neil Young and Jackson Browne.

All these DVD-A titles will be released world-wide (excluding U.S.) at the same dealer price as Superstar/Super Deluxe CDs in each country which would allow them to retail at the same price as top range CDs.

WVI's DVD-A campaign also features local releases through WMI affiliates with titles from Mexican singer Luis Miguel and rock band Mana on the list alongside titles from Warner Music Japan's roster of domestic artists and plans for releases from artists signed to WMI's European companies. Also planned are DVD-A releases of new albums from UK artists Phil Collins, David Gray and Morcheeba.

Commenting on the new campaign Frank Brunger, VP international marketing and sales, said, &quot;Over the past four years DVD has established itself as the fastest growing format of all time with over 100 million players world-wide. This huge penetration makes DVD-Audio a natural progression for music lovers who are already owners of DVD players, taking them from the familiar world of stereo to the 21st Century world of multi-channel surround sound.

&quot;Our new titles, which will be released at the new dealer price, will be available at the same time as most major hardware manufacturers are launching their new DVD-A/DVD-V combo-players.&quot;

Warner Music International (WMI)
www.warnermusic.com &quot;


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