<font color='#000000'>non audiophyte here so please be forgiving :)

I had some old surround speakers that were shot and saw some cheapo jensen home theater system for 80 bucks at circuit city. &nbsp;I don't expect fantastic sound but when I got home, I realized I may have a problem. &nbsp;My receiver is rated 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms (there is no switch for 4 ohms plus from everything I've read I wouldn't use that anyway). &nbsp;There is also language that says I shouldn't use 4 ohms with this receiver. &nbsp;My other primary speakers were pioneers rated for 8 so of course I never had any problems with them. &nbsp;

The front and center cubes (yes I've read the 10 reasons to love cubes on this site) are rated for 4 and the surround for 8. &nbsp;I've read that as long as I have a well ventilated receiver I should be ok but I'm still worried nonetheless. &nbsp;I virtually never crank it up, but am still wondering if an evening of even 'lower' volume will shorten the &nbsp;life of the receiver?</font>
<font color='#000000'>I think you'll be OK, but I sure won't cover the warranty on your receiver should it blow up (we don't even know what make/model it is...)

audiophile (o'de o file) noun. [&lt; L. audire, hear; phile expert] 1. person of excellent hearing in the realm of audio recordings 2. of or relating to persons enjoying spending excessive amounts of money on audio equipment and consumables. I. [Absol. use of AUDIOPHILE-.] Person, esp. delusional or rational of mind; representing the species auiopholus noninterruptus. II. Independent user of precision audio gear as a replacement for relationships or having a real life. used attrib.: of or pertaining to persons willing to sit for hours reviewing technical nuances of media recordings.

So you see, you are actually either a non-audiophile, or audiophyte... (self-described, of course!) &nbsp;
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<font color='#000000'>Oops, see it has me so worried I forgot to tell you I had a technics SA GX490 that's about 8 years old. Also my jargon was off and I apologize for the previous post.

So being 8 years old, there is no warranty to speak of, but I don't really want to have to purchase another receiver at this time.

What do you think about the following:

1. &nbsp;substituting my old 8 ohm tower pioneers for the fronts &nbsp;and just leaving the 4 ohm center hooked up along with the 8 ohm surrounds (any idea why the surrounds would be rated different than the mains?)

2. &nbsp;put the new cube 8 ohm surrounds at the front then using my full tower pioneers for the rear (there is a tight space where I just moved my tv yesterday and the towers would look kind of out of place.

Thanks again for the reply.

PS WHY do they make 4 ohms if apparently you are never supposed to use them lol? (yes I'm a novice, sorry)</font>


<font color='#000000'>4ohm isnt evil

it just means more current,which some amps cant supply without hurting themselves.

as for the different speaker configurations-try it and see how it sounds.

you wont know how they will sound by just the description aslong as they are full range..u cant go to far wrong.</font>

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