Why do we get the upgrade bug?



Junior Audioholic
Age alone shouldn't be a reason to upgrade unless age has rendered it useless or unsafe. I generally keep my stuff a long time unless it's broken. For example, I just recently upgraded my phone after almost five years. Some of you probably upgrade your phone every 6 months to a year.:)
I'm with you on this, I can understand that it's nice to have the new gear, but there seems to be a prevailing opinion in the AV/tech world that unless something is brand new or on the cutting edge, then it's "bad" or not worth consideration.

Obviously technologies evolve and improve over time, but that doesn't make the TV that was incredible 5 years ago, now bad.

More than once I've had to stop myself from buying a crt projector. They're wholly impractical and I doubt you can get spares for most now, but in the right setting they could put out a sublime image.

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