Where are the BIG center channels?



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Picked up a Polk R400 to try it out after all the hype about the Reserve series and its trickle-down tech from the Legend series. Have to say it is disappointing: lows are boomy instead of deep (despite the size and weight of the speaker, as well as its rear ports), mid-range is so-so (probably due to a 2-way design), highs are downright poor (so much for the pinnacle ring radiator tweeter), and horizontal dispersion at 20-30 degrees off-axis sucks (probably due to the MTM design). Going through a 2-hour show with plenty of dialog and few surround effects is simply unpleasant for others in the room as well. Back to the store it goes.

kyzer soze

I dont see it any more toxic than most forums. Every forum has an AVSFORUM Zorba.. LOL
The sad reality is that many center speakers are simply bad and they dont sugar coat it at ASR. The data is provided so you can interpret it yourself if you prefer and in the end, I have tested speakers that have tested badly just to find out for myself if they were speakers that I was really wanting to work for my needs.

Zorba is toxic? I've never gotten that impression.

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