What is the next best thing to OLED?



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Once the 83" hits the price that the 77" now, then I may consider swapping out my 85" LCD for the OLED. I will have to figure out how to deal with the bright lighting in the room from the windows. Sony currently has a 100" LCD at $20,000. So, it wouldn't surprise me to see a 90"+ size from LG in the OLED panels. The 98" size is a fairly hot ticket item in businesses. Those that can get away from using a projector and use a flat panel instead, are buying the large screen sizes quite often. Still, the 98" displays tend to run well over $10,000 to the end user. They also aren't 100 pound displays... they weigh a ton.

What is your take on this Samsung QD-OLED? I have confirmed they are buying their screens from LG. My BS alarm tells me this is the likely Q-LED fiasco on steroids.
It's been a minute since I've looked into it. I've heard it is about bumping brightness up, so that may be really nice. But, I will wait for reviews. It may end up like the IPS/TN LCD panel debate. There are pros and cons to each design, and Samsung may create a viable debate between different OLED technologies. Frankly, I'm hoping it is awesome.


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Are you sure this is not Samsung BS like QLED. As I understand it they are buying those panels from LG, and running them brighter, which they don't need. I can't abide over bright TVs.

Right now, I'm really suspicious of that QD-OLED.

1) Samsung makes the panels, not LG (Sony is buying panels from Samsung for their version)
2) The technology is different, true RGB no WRGB that is part of traditional OLED

I was only able to see the Samsung PC Monitor in person, but it solves a lot of problems, high contrast, great viewing angles (even better than OLED) greater color accuracy. Better Peek brightness than OLED for HDR.


Debating on getting a 75 inch and above NEO QLED 8K Samsung or wait for the new 4K OLEDs.


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Having just got the 65 A90j oled , it easily trump's the other tech. And don't listen to this not bright enough business. It's only part of the story. Contrast is what makes a picture truly stunning and after looking at alot of tvs in person (Samsung q95a , TCL c825, Sony X90j etc) I can tell you I'd choose contrast over brightness Everytime. The oleds have an almost 3 dimensional look with good content. The first time the Netflix logo popped up on a totally black screen , like it was hovering in space in my dark room, I knew I'd made the right choice. I did alot of viewing on all the tvs too as they are expensive over here in New Zealand ($4999 for the A90j) .

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