What does the xover input on my subwoofer do?



I have an Energy ES8 subwoofer as part of a Take2 speaker system being driven by a Sony STR-DE915 receiver. On the back of the sub, there is the "Sub Input" rca jack but there is also the "Xover Input" rca jack with an "Active" led indicator light beside it.

My roommate had split the subwoofer signal coming out of the receiver with an RCA splitter and sent that signal to both the "Sub Input" and "Xover Input" jacks. I could not make any volume changes (using the volume control on the sub) in this configuration. I have since unsplit the signal and am sending to the "Sub Input" only. This allows me to use the volume control on the sub.

What is the "Xover Input" for? Is a crossover a separate box or would you send signal to this input from the receiver? How is a crossover different from a low pass filter?

I've searched for answers on the web and this forum but cannot find any info or the results assume a knowledge of active crossovers that i do not possess.



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It took a bit of looking to find any manuals (as you know) :), but I believe that "XOVER INPUT" is a high-pass output from the sub to an amplifier (based on the bottom diagram on page 5 of this manual). It's used if you want to have the crossover on the sub filter out frequencies for another speaker.

So, in short...don't connect any input signal to it.


For anyone still using an Energy Encore sub in 2020, here's sound advice on the X-Over input:

The two RCA connectors are labeled Input and Xover, but these labels are somewhat misleading. The Xover input actually bypasses the internal crossover and level controls, while Input does not. According to the manual, Xover should be used if you have an external crossover, while the other input should be used with an A/V receiver or processor. However, I would say that Xover should be used whenever the source (receiver, processor, or crossover) includes bass management with a crossover at or below 100Hz; that way, the sub's level and input-frequency range are controlled from the source. Besides, you should avoid having two filters in the signal path, if possible.

If you own a modern reciever, I'd run the RCA cable from the AVR to the X-Over jack since most receivers these days have decent bass management.

One case where the X-Over input might not work for you is if your receiver has an auto-calibration feature that requires you to adjust the level of the sub; in that case you can plug the RCA cable into the standard input and turn the crossover dial on the sub to max, then adjust the level dial accordingly.
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Rene Sonse

I have this same sub and want to know if it's possible to connect my computer speakers and use for computer sound. I see the speaker connections but the Take 5 isn't powered like my old Cambridge.
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What if the newer amp has stereo outs and the Energy just has the one input? Use a stereo to single sub cord?

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