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Hi all, I have a weird problem that is getting worse, and in googling around I haven't been able to find a clear answer. I have a Denon 3700, an LG B8, and various sources--4k player, Apple TV, Switch, etc.

One thing that has been happening for a long time: when I turn on the entire system with my Apple TV, sometimes (not always), everything will turn on but the TV will say "no signal." The easiest way to resolve this is to turn on my 4k player. The system would automatically switch to the 4k player, there would be a signal, and then I could just switch the source back to Apple TV and it would show up fine. This is weird and annoying but not so big of a deal that I bothered to try to figure it out.

Now, though, in addition to that, when I watch something on YouTube via Apple TV, essentially every time I click on a video, the signal goes out. And then it is 50/50 shot as to whether it comes back in a couple seconds or stays out. (Again, if I have the 4k player on, switch to the 4k player, and then switch back, the Apple TV is recognized and the video is playing). Weirdly enough, this also happens every time an individual YouTube video goes to an advertisement or comes back from an advertisement.

I am flummoxed. This doesn't happen (yet) with other apps on my Apple TV (Prime, HBO Max, whatnot). It also does not, as far as I can tell, happen with any other source. I never have a problem with the Nintendo Switch, the 4k player, etc. Although admittedly those are not in use nearly as often.

The oddest part about this to me is that this new YouTube-specific problem just came out of nowhere, as far as I can tell.

Also, I have indeed updated the firmware on everything (and turned everyone off and on, etc.). Not sure what else to do, or what the problem might be? I assume it is the Denon that is the issue, since the video is still going (just not getting picked up) but since it only happens with the Apple TV, maybe not? Maybe it is a problem with both? Any suggestions/ideas would be helpful, many thanks in advance.


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The Apple TV 4K, my gen 1 anyway, has been acting up for a bit. Then, my C1 wigged out and Simplink failed. I had to reset every device and start from scratch. I don't care about matching dynamic range and frame rate anymore. Frame rate matching causes too many "No signal" issues as no TV I know of is currently supporting QMS. So, commercials can be murder when going from 24hz to 60 hz. I just locked mine into 4K HDR for everything. Most things watched are in HDR and the SDR content converted is just not an issue. I also use 60Hz for everything as I noticed that color is changed to 8 bit 4:2:2 in HDR10at 24Hz but is 10 bit 4:2:0 with 60Hz. I can't see colors beyond 4:2:0 anyway but color banding in 8 bit is real. Dimming using Dolby Vision is also real. I can't seem to remedy that one and leave it off. But, results will vary.


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I had a regular hdmi handshake issue with a particular Sony bd player and one of my Denon avrs....changed players twice, both other players worked without issue....the older one I put into a different system and no issues since. I had another fussy bd player before that, too, but the drive failed so that sort of "fixed" the problem pernamently (a Samsung player)

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