Weird camera near my house



Audioholic Warlord
I should’ve got back to everyone sooner, figured out what it was using Google lens. Since it is pointing at the Air Force Academy, I’m guessing it is some sort of school project for one of the classes..

That would have been my guess. It looks like a laser-based (or similar) point to point networking system. These aren't used all the time, but they are excellent for specific edge use cases. For example, if you run a business and are paying for multi GB network connectivity for your office, and then you open another office, but it is across the street, instead of buying more high speed service, you buy something like this and you can share your internet connection, reliably, without running wiring across the street.

Others have used this type of setup to get Internet connectivity where it otherwise isn't available. So, you install a set of these with a high speed backbone internet connection, then a long ways away, perhaps on a island, you can put the receiver. You now have high speed internet on the island, and you didn't have to run a wire under the water to get it there.

I'm not sure how often these types of systems are in use, but their distance can be much further than standard wireless, and the connection is guided point to point. Plus, it can be extremely fast. The biggest headache I'm aware of with them is that they are line of sight, so any trees in the way are an issue and potentially inclement weather can present a problem. Aligning them is certainly a bit of labor, and it looks like that is something this product tries to address by putting an auto alignment system into their product. That's not a very original idea, but it's a really good one.

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