VSA-EO3 AND Pioneer S-w80s-ql



:) Hi , Ive just joined so I need to pick the brains of more experience Audiopliles Can Any of you help please? Currently I have all my audio visual played through a Pioneer A207r basic amplifier, I decided I wanted something better so I have bought off ebay , The 5.1 pioneer VSA EO3 along with a pioneer S-W80S-QL Subwoofer, Jamo centre speaker 100 , a pair of Gale speakers and two galaxy eltax floorstanders, With not a clue how to set them up ! Never seen so many connections , But I am not totally daft I just never have owned a multi channel amp and a subwoofer befor, Basically I want to set it all up to plat dvds obviously , feed my freeview through it , vcr etc, however I was wondering also how to go about playing my lps from my direct drive deck , I have thought of perhaps playing all my dvd gear etc through the av amp and simply linking the two separate systems via an optical cable from my mini disc thus keeping the two systems separate though enabling me to record and playback through either system Anyway I would appreciate the best way to set up the av amp and subwoofer first as obviously walk before I run! :) I have the manual for the amp but not the subwoofer , trawled the net only found pics no info Help Please :)

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