Venting projector, receiver and amp



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Im putting my projector in a "hush box". Im venting it to another part of the room.
I'm putting my receiver and amp in a small closet. Im venting them to another part of the room.

Projector is a Sony 295 ES.

Is a round six inch duct enough? Is an AC infinity six inch fan enough?

How do trigger the fans to turn on when the equipment turns on?

Side question, is there some kind of simple temperature alarm I can put in with the projector?


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I hate pushing people out of these forums, but this may get better traction in the 'home automation' and specific sections over at AVS.

I'm not sure how much specific ventilation you will need, but you want to be sure you have a proper air inlet for fresh air to reach the projector and that you are venting air from the proper location and direction that the Sony is looking for. I'm not sure I would vent to another part of the room you are in, but that's your call.

There are a fair number of temperature controlled cabinet fans available, which is a good way to have them come on and run to cool gear...

I think the duct is large enough, but you definitely want that fan to be accessible/serviceable when (not if) it fails in the future.

Install conduit.

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