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<font color='#000000'>In the next year I will be graduating from college and working full time and therefore have money money (and space) to upgrade my system. My problem is that I don't know terribly much about the home theater arena as I origionally bought all my current items when I had a roommate that was an audiophile and I could turn to and ask for help.

Anyways, what should I upgrade/replace/buy? Please assume a reasonable amount of money, as if you were spending your money with your wifes approval.

TV: Sony WEGA 32&quot; KV-32HS500
Receiver: Denon AVR-3802
DVD: Sony DVP-NS715P
Fronts: B&amp;W DM602S2
Center: B&amp;W CC6 S2
Sub: Infinity Entra Sub
No surround

PS2 &amp; Xbox with component cables
Component cable to TV.
1 Optical cable from DVD to Receiver

My desires: Flat Screen TV HDTV
Tivo (Currently have it, but it's my roommates)
Surround Speakers
More &amp; Better speaker wires to fully hookup my speakers (they have 4 inputs, only using 2 and jumpers)
Better Stereo tower (I bought a cheap one that broke during a move and is being held up by an old textbook).
Looks of a system are almost equally as important as sound, to me.
I am willing to wait a few years if buying a TV/whatever then would be better for a good reason... ie, HDTV will be better/more used/cheaper in 3 years and getting it now isn't really worth it.

Not happy with TV since they've gotten a lot cheaper since I bought it and the picture quality isn't quite what I dreamed from going from S-Video to Component.
Love speakers.
DVD player is okay, nothing fancy about it.
Receiver is cool, except that I'm running out of connections; PS2, XBox, DVD, Tivo all running in creates quite an ugly scene and I can't use the labels like they're labeled.

Primary use: Movies and general TV watching. Audio typically only though DirecTV.

Anyways, what are your suggestions, or am I just crazy?
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Clint DeBoer

Clint DeBoer

<font color='#000080'>Resale value on B&amp;Ws is very good, so.... you have many options: cheapest to more expensive.

1) Keep what you have, wait to upgrade the TV, add 601s for surrounds, get TWC digital set top box for PVR.

2) Same as above, upgrade TV... Decide if HD PVR is important to you (TWC will have one out &quot;soon&quot;)

3) Sell B&amp;Ws, get a better set of speakers (this isn't really necessary, though you can definitely do better for your money than B&amp;W - I've owned the 602S2 and the CC6S2) and a new TV.

4) Move to a third world country and buy power converters and generators where you will be revered as a God for all your surround sound glory.</font>

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