Universal Remote Control MRX-20 Network Controller CEDIA Video Preview

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    Universal Remote Control's MRX-20 is a brand new whole home network control system and what they've done this time around is offer an alternative to the MRX-10, wrapping a video processing system into the mix. So you can sit there on your couch and actually overlay your system control on top of video. The new GUI lets you select from cable or satellite TV, Blu-ray, AppleTV or other source device and select that from within the Entertainment menu. You can also access lights, surveillance, photos and more. URC has added two new gyro mouses that are compatible with the MRX-20, the simplified TRG-100 for a simplified interface, and the TRG-200 which gives you a much more robust control interface for advanced users. To access, for example, cable TV, you just activate the gyro mouse and point the remote where you need it - it kind of works like the popular wii remote.

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