Tweeter trouble with my Focal 984 Arias



Hello Folks, I am so frustrated!! I bought a pair of 6 month old Focal 984 Arias from a private owner, I love love love them! Until.........both the tweeters stopped working at the same time. I was playing them LOUD! Even if its my fault, I don't care, I'll take responsibility, I will pay for the repair. The problem is I have emailed Focals help request three times over the last 2 weeks, but no one will get back to me. A local dealer who is trying to help me is experiencing the same return emails. I'm not bad mouthing Focal, I just need help......please.
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I don't think it's a good idea to put your personal info on a public forum like that. You might wanna edit that part out. I mean, I think you're pretty safe here, but you never know...

It does sound like you mighta blown your tweets. Were you really playing them that loud? What were you using for amplification? Underpowered can be a big problem too. As far as getting hold of Focal, I'm not sure if we can be a lot of help. About all I know is they're from France? Maybe you could try and contact some other retailers and see if they can help. Crutchfield comes to mind. Might not be any help but I'd give that a shot.

I hope you can source some replacement tweets. Those are pretty nice speakers. I know what it's like having soldiers down. It sucks. You need to be a little more judicious with your volume! You can usually hear when a speaker isn't happy and that's when you turn it down. Immediately. :oops:

*PS, assuming you mean the Focal Aria 948, not 984...
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Patience, grasshopper, much is still impacted from Covid. You contacting Focal US or France?


Seriously, I have no life.
Focal have had lousy customer service for years, which is why I stopped sourcing their drivers in my builds.

You will likely have to deal with the head office in France. The address is: - 108, rue de l’Avenir - 42353 La Talaudière cedex France.

This is the Telephone number: - (+33)04 77 43 57 00 That is the Skype number. Call them on Skype or else it will cost you a fortune. France is 7 hours ahead of central time and so 9 Pacific and 6 Eastern.

I did find out it requires a special tool to release the tweeters. (Typical of the French!). I also found out that those speakers are known for blowing those Al/Mg tweeters. One guy I came across had blown three sets! So when you replace the tweeters you had better keep the volume way down. It is rumored the cause is in the crossover design, but I can not confirm that. Crossover is at 2.6 KHz, but the order is not specified.

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