TV To Soundbar is proving impossible, so far.



Not able to connect Hitachi TV 55" Model LE55G508 to soundbar Samsung SC-HTB10. Hitachi's manual shows that it only has sound OUTPUTS via Digital Coaxial or AUX. Its HDMIs are to be used only via amplifier use. See attached pictures of the manual.
I am attempting to connect TV's Digital Coaxial Output to Soundba's Optical/SPDIF Input by using this Converter without success.
Any and all suggestions appreciated.


Audioholic Jedi
With the model numbers most of us just look up the manual :) No pics of manual pages in any case as you do not have enough posts to post such yet.

What came first, the tv with it's particular output ability or the soundbar with its input limitations? :) You should still be able to utilize HDMI ARC for audio from the tv to your soundbar as both your soundbar and TV have ARC capability, not sure what you mean by you need an amp. Did you try an appropriate HDMI cable?

Perhaps the converter you got works but you haven't told the tv how to export the audio in settings? Did you try the analog connection?


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The SC-HTB10 is a Panasonic model. Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI(ARC) ports on both devices. Turn on HDMI-CEC in the TV and turn on HDAVI Control in the soundbar. This should enable TV sound to be output to the soundbar via the HDMI cable. Good luck. Oh, and welcome to the forums.

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