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I just "purchased" these spkrs from the white van guys for $150.00. After taking the spkrs apart I found that there were NO crossovers at all never mind "digital" ones they say are there. The tweeters are absolute junk and so are the 10" woofers. The mids seem to be average. I ended up putting in crossovers and replacing the tweeters and woofers. These spkrs now sound good as compared to what they originally sounded like which was terrible. Total price for everything was 400.00 so I basically paid 150.00 for the cabinets. Unless you want a project don't buy these useless junks.

How were the cabinets?

Did you just replace the speakers with a similar size, or did you do some math and try and match the driver TS parameters with the cabinet and crossover?

Which crossover, DIY or BUY?

Not trying to be a pain, but if the cabinets are good, they could be a starting point for a lot of DIY project such as yours.
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These poor-excuses-for-speakers are imported from China into a warehouse somewhere in Orange County, California. Their website can be found at Note that this company has nothing to do with the real Speaker City in Burbank, CA. Please read on....

I will be reviewing speakers for Audioholics and taking measurements at my old friend's real and original Speaker City location in Burbank, California which holds the trademark for the name "Speaker City". The real Speaker City's website is I've known these guys since the seventies and they are some of the most knowledgeable and honest business people you will ever find. A good part of their continued excellent reputation is by word-of-mouth since they've supplied speakers and parts to all the TV and recording studios here for many, many years.

Let it be known that the Real Speaker City guys are attempting to have their name reclaimed by legal means since this Orange County "businessman" is obviously impacting the real guys and their hard earned reputation. That's about all I can say about this matter at this time.

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I bought a set of these off a friend who HAD bought them from a guy in a van. They were only the towers, which he loved, but he wanted a 5.1 setup so he bought an amazing package and had these to spare. Having heard these at his house many times, and at a good volume, I had no compunction about these. I have had them for 13 years, and I still love them. I am sure that the idea of a fake website being set up to make it look like the guy in the van is giving you an amazing deal is true, but at the price they are asking it seemed to be worth it. They are inexpensive speakers that do the job well, in my experience with the set I have. I have had compliments as to their appearance and sound quality from any of my audio-oriented friends, adn as long as you arent dazzled by the illusion that you are getting a killer deal on some normally expensive speakers (which you arent) you can be happy spending a little and hearing a lot. For reference, I am not in audio sales, I am an IT analyst, not affiliated with any manufacturers at ALL.

Ward Wagar

I wish your friends luck, owning a business name has no legal representation regarding owning similar or even exactly the same domain name as far as I know. Remember the 90s when people were making huge cash because they were the first to register the domain for walmart, or apple, or or that sort of thing, and the ACTUAL companies had no choice but to pay them their asking price to purchase the domain name. If the fake have an actual business license somewhere that may difer.


If you are as sofisticated (sic) as your spelling, I would take your opinion with a big grain of salt.
Sophisticated........Are we knocking spelling still? I just found a pair of Theater Research tower speakers behind a dumpster. I suppose that speaks for itself. I have a very nice Yamaha and Harman Kardon receiver. I plan on hooking these things up to see what they actually sound like and how much power I can push through them. Now everyone play nice, we have all been "that guy" before and done or said something we regretted that made us appear dumb. 5

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