This is driving me CRAZY! PLEASE HELP. How can I tell if my soundbar & tv is properly doing Earc? (YES BOTH THE SOUNDBAR & TV HAVE EARC & SUPPORTS IT)



Hi, so I have been researching for a few weeks already and still have not found an answer, maybe you guys can help me.

I have a Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar from 2018. It supports Earc, it says it on the HDMI port.

I also have an LG C1 OLED TV. Which supports Earc as well.

On the TV under the sound setting, it says HDMI "ARC" connected. I am not sure if this is supposed to say "EARC" to reflect the EARC connection.

On the soundbar in the Sennheiser smart control app, it says ARC as well. Again not sure if this is supposed to say EARC

I am assuming they both should say EARC and not ARC but I can't figure out if the answer is yes or no. And if yes, how do I set it up to reflect that, or how do I verify this?

Should it reflect on the app or tv?

Can anyone help me out? Can anyone Verify that these 2 devices do say EARC and not ARC if the settings and connections are correct?

I'm assuming any LG OLED TV from the last few years may have the same sound menu layout.

if someone has Sennheiser Ambeo and lg oled tv in Both of those settings menus can let me know what I'm doing wrong.

In my bedroom I have a Samsung QLED tv and a Sony HTST5000 soundbar, both devices when powered on both do show EARC CONNECTIONs in the settings menu on the tv and on the soundbar, not ARC.


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It really doesn't matter a lot. Are you getting audio from the tv into your soundbar? If you do, is it a lossy or lossless codec (the basic difference between what you can get via ARC vs eARC, the former being a limit of ARC, the latter reflecting the capability of eARC).


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There's an extra setting on the lg oled that says earc. Turn it on


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Many don’t look into the Sound Advanced Settings in the LG TVs and merely at the HDMI(ARC) connection display when bringing up settings.

Going into the Sound Advanced Setting, one must scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and turn eARC ON for the enhanced bandwidth of eARC instead of ARC. But, this will not change the connected device for sound display of HDMI(ARC).

Once eARC is ON, make sure each HDMI input port on the TV is set to Bitstream, should be by default, for any directly connected devices and the the Digital Audio Output setting is set to Passthrough.


This drove me crazy. Rebooted everything but no go.

Fixed - did a factory reset.

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