Thiel SCS4 Bookshelf Speaker Review



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The Thiel SCS4 speaker system has certainly met my expectations for performance, and the amount of low end exceeded it. The SCS4 is a well thought out and well made effort. The materials and workmanship are both first class. The front baffle and speaker are cosmetically a thing of beauty, and the overall construction is excellent. The average user will find this system suitable for all but the largest rooms, and biggest amplifiers. If you have limited space, and the wife will not let you buy that floor standing speaker you really want, the Thiel SCS4’s can provide you with years of excellent sound and aesthetics to please the true audiophile in you.

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Clint DeBoer

Clint DeBoer

"but my first listening was done with the speaker on the floor"

This must be an audiophile review! lol

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