Terminator 2: big mistake!


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Last night I'm watching T2 and it s at the chase scene with the helicopter at the end. I don't know why Iv'e never seeen it before but watch the bullets that hit the back of the Cop van and how many times there positions change, clearly indicating how many times the scene was cut and re-shot.

Yes, I do have a lot of time on my hands!


Another mistake is when the T1000 is chasing John in the semi truck in the dam....There is a scene where the semi truck is higher than John so the T1000 drives off the higher road and onto the lower part. The scene shows the semi truck crashing into the ground with pieces of it falling off including both windshields....the scene right after that, the windshields are still in the truck!!!


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Or the sound of a two stroke motorcyle coming out of a four stroke motorcycle that John rides! I've never noticed the bullet holes moving around on the van before either.

It's not perfect but it's still one of my favorite movies. The liquid metal stuff was mind blowing CGI for it's time. :D

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The thing about the glitch that I pointed out is, that is on the special edition where those kinds of scenes have been modified so you don't see them. Such as the truck scene you just mentioned.


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The movies mistakes site is pretty entertaining. I never used to notice these little mistakes but now sometimes try hard to find them.

The first one I ever noticed was in Beverly Hills Cop. The scene where Axel (Eddie Murphy) walks in and wants to speak to Victor Maitland (when he acts like he is a gay man and tells the concierge to tell Victor that he has 'Herpes Simplex 10').

When he confronts Victor at his table and his bodyguard gets up and tries to grab Axel, Axel throws him over the buffet table. Freeze frame and you will see it is Richard Pryor - Not Murphy. They must have filmed it originally with Richard Pryor. Now that I know it is there, I can see it watching normally without freezing the picture.


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Anyone ever see the alleged kid ghost behind the curtains in "Three Men and a Baby"? It freaked me out after a few friends told me about it and I saw it.

Boy was I duped :)
Please note: There is no ghost in the background when Ted Danson's talking to the mother - it's a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson, and any stories about it being the ghost of a boy who was killed in that apartment are (unsurprisingly) rubbish - for a start it's a set build in a studio, not a real apartment. Don't e-mail me arguing the point - that's my last word on the subject. For a detailed break down, including pictures PROVING IT'S A CUT-OUT, follow this link: http://www.snopes2.com/movies/films/3menbaby.htm.
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Die Hard 2

The first flub I even noticed in realtime was in Die Hard 2 when McCain is making a phone call from what was supposed to be Dulles Airport outside D.C. and he's using a PacBell phone!

Of course there the famous phantom punch that Sonny Corleone doesn't lay on his brother in law when beating him up in the alley in The Godfather. He must have missed him by three feet!


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Better yet in DH1,the dead guy in the chair in the elevator with his eyes open, when his head is turned to read whats written,he shuts his eyes. Great dead man trick.


In A.I. (artificial Intelligence) you can seee the strings of teddy when david and him are walking through the forsest at the start of Act 2.

Pretty suprising considering how recent and how much CGI was used.


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Why are you guys so suprised?? T1 through 3 are bad movies in every way. not only with respect to audio and video but with respect to movies in general. I love em but they are cheese. Only watched for the famous terrible one liners from our fellow californian governor, hahahahaha.

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