<font color='#000000'>ok - so I have this large collection of audio tapes and want to convert them to MP3 on my PC.

Can anyone tell me whats the best way to do this?

Would connecting the tape deck using a line-out to a line-in on my PC and using software like MusicMatch help? Or do you guys recommend any other software?

thanx a ton</font>


<font color='#000000'>Hi -

I've done a lot of digitizing of tapes and LPs from the ol' collection, and it's not too hard. You are on the right track, sending output from the tape deck or amp into the sound card on the PC. You just need to capture it with the software, and do a good bit of fiddling with recording levels and such to get it right. I've not used MusicMatch, but have had success with the SoundStream application that comes with Roxio's Easy CD Creator (I use a PC). This records it as a .wav file, which I then rip to CD using BladeBatch (freeware).

One thing I have learned, though, is to restrict my efforts to unique and irreplaceable recordings. If you can buy it on CD, it will be worth it to do so -- the recording process is time-consuming! It can take an evening to make a decent recording of the tape, since after you have the one hig-rsolution file (e.g. .wav) it has to be chopped up into tracks, each renamed, and each run through the mp3 ripper. It's much easier to buy the CD, and the quality will be best that way, too.

- John</font>

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