Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense



Audioholic Intern
<font color='#000000'>I played my Stop Making Sense DVD last night to test my new Sapphire speakers. &nbsp;The movie essentially shows the band Talking Heads performing their hits during several concerts one year.

The film quality is a bit grainy, but the sound quality is very good. &nbsp;Two 5.1 sound tracks are available on the disk, the original &quot;Film&quot; and the &quot;Studio Mix&quot;. &nbsp;Most of the sound comes from the front and center speakers with only ambient croud sounds and reflective sound from the rears. &nbsp;While the video quality is not great, it is a wonderfully filmed movie, with many wide shots of the stage and band and ocasional closeups to highlight band members.

The second track is a duet between the lead singer David Byrne playing acoustic guitar and the lovely bass guitarist Tina Waymouth singing the haunting melody &quot;Heaven&quot;. &nbsp;It is really cool, hearing her voice as a hall echo from the rear speakers. &nbsp;The audience applause gives a nice impression between numbers.</font>

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