<font color='#000000'>My CD5800 will only play original Cd's or copied duplicate CD's from the original. If I download numerious music tracks and copy them to a CD either MP3, WAV, or WAM it doesn't matter - it won't play. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or is this a wierd and stupid product glitch with Symphonic?



Full Audioholic
<font color='#000000'>I know that many players(mostly in cars) wont play a CD-RW disk,only CD-R. Could that be the case here?</font>
Rob Babcock

Rob Babcock

<font color='#8D38C9'>A lot of players won't play a CD-RW. &nbsp;You don't give a lot of details to go on, but have you tried different brands of CD-R?

It's not surprising if your CD player won't play WMA or MP3- that capability isn't common in CD players, although some newer ones will do it. &nbsp;But almost all CD players will play a CD-R.

BTW, a few years ago a buddy of mine had a VERY old Sony player that wouldn't play CD-Rs, or they would skip very badly on the rare disc that it recognized. &nbsp;How old is your player?</font>

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