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Reuters had an interesting story out today about a new supplement that hit the market which targets gamers. Dubbed "Suppli" the new Japanese-based supplement is said to help gaming addicts with sore eyes and tired brains by helping them 'perk up'. But if you really want to read some weird stuff, run their web page through Google Translator. We found some real gems

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Well if you check you Google Translate Link...

Well, if you check the original Google Translate link it says that the page is being translate from Chinese. This doesn't result in lots of garbled text because the Kanji character set is shared across both Japanese and Chinese. If you take the original URL and put it into Google Translate and have it translate from Japanese you'll find it's just another homeopathic remedy.

Clint DeBoer

Clint DeBoer

Chinese is definitely not Japanese...

Holy cow that was funny! You are absolutely correct - my mistake!

Goes from this:

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to this:

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That's makes just a little bit more sense... Though I think I just uncovered a terrorist cell communication methodology!

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