Subwoofer Measurement Tactics: A Brief, Topical Overview & Method Comparison



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The challenges of accurately capturing the direct sound amplitude response of a subwoofer, especially for the enthusiast who would not likely have access to the facilities or hardware typically available to the professional, are well known and widely discussed in print and online. In this brief overview, we’ll take a look at a variety of measurement approaches that when correctly implemented can minimize or in some cases altogether eliminate the complicating influence of room\boundary\subwoofer interaction. The scope of this overview is limited to subwoofers only and the amplitude response frequencies range of 10 Hz to 320 Hz.

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This article points out is that sub measurements depend on the method used to gather the data. My hope would be that speaker manufacturers would use near field measurements because those would apply to the way the subs are used in a home. Since we don't use our subs outdoors or in anechoic chambers then measurements made this way, while probably more accurate and consistent, aren't as meaningful as measurments made in a way that relates more directly to their end use.


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check the article again. I made some updates to show the relative SPL differences and correction factors of each measurement type as well as added some more images and cleaned up some areas. This is a very useful article to reference once we post our subwoofer measurement standard.

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