Speaker Stands.....Grrrr!

Rock&Roll Ninja

Rock&Roll Ninja

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I'm sorry, am I doing something wrong? Am I a horrible giant living amongst normal people? What the dilly-Yo?

Pretty much every speaker comes with the instruction "Position speaker so the tweeter is about ear level". OK, just put it on a stand. The problem is that stands are always a foot too short! They try to pawn 24" stands on you all the time, which would be fine if booksheld speakers were three feet tall! Yes there are oddball 31" stands... but a little more would be nice.

And floorstander "tower" speakers. If I'm sitting on my couch the tweeters on most of these babies aim squarely into my groinal area. And unless I'm some sort of freak, I assure you that my ear are NOT at crotch-level.

Its not like I'm the king of Siam and I have my chair raised on a marble dais or anything. Am I supposed to buy special musi chairs with the seat 4" higher than the carpet and nobody told me?

I guess I'm just tired of making stands for my stands is all.


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Rock&Roll Ninja said:
I assure you that my ear are NOT at crotch-level.

Can I have the moderators permission to take this and run :rolleyes:
Rip Van Woofer

Rip Van Woofer

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Mudcat said:
Can I have the moderators permission to take this and run :rolleyes:
I think we know perfectly well where you'd run to with that, young man! :D

Hey, there are adjustable speaker stands out there BTW but I see the Ninja's point.


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A colleague has the the same problem. Solution: He sits on throw pillows scattered on the floor when listening.

Actually the problem can also be with rear speakers. Like those bookshelf monopoles meant for the rear. The manufacturers advise them to be posiitoned HIGHER than the ear when seated. But the stands are, like you said, no more than 30" tall. The taller ones are just too flimsy to accomodate heavier ones than BOSE cubes. Solution: wall mount them. Often at the expense of ideal dispersion traits. What if the monopoles have rear vents that require at least some breathing space from the wall?


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Easy solution. I solved this problem by buying bigger speakers that require no stands and still aim at ear level when sitting comfortably on the couch
Clint DeBoer

Clint DeBoer

I was entirely impressed today when I set up the Atlantic Technology 4200 system on 30" speaker stands (from Studiotech - very nice). The tweeters were EXACTLY the same level as my floorstanding RBH Sound 1266-LSEs... So companies who know what they are doing obvilously take the time to do the measurements and ensure that their speakers are designed correctly.

The tweeters are at ear level when I sit on the couch...


I use studiotech stands (30") and the tweets on my speakers (surround back speakers) are slightly above ear level. They are pretty sturdy stands as well. The top plate is 8"X8" so it leaves plenty of room even for larger bookshelf speakers. The columns are hollow so you can fill them with buck shot or sand. I bought them a few years back so I dont know if they are still available.

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