Speaker Options for a Difficult Layout



I've been looking at HT speaker options and had considered the RSL G25 for LCR and G3 for surrounds. To see what it would look like, I marked off the placement of the speakers with tape on the wall, and only then realized that these (and all quality bookshelf speakers, after I looked at the measurements) are actually massive compared to the size of my condo! The size issue is particularly a problem because they will be right next to the door and very close to the TV itself. Mounting them on brackets would make this even worse.

I'm thinking on wall speakers may be my only choice. Elac, Dali, Monolith, and Ascend have some options. I was looking at the Monolith 365c for the center and the M-OW1 for left and right with the THX Certified Compact Satellites as the surrounds. That way later on I could upgrade to the 365Ts if I ever have the room.

Does this setup seem reasonable or is there one of the others I should be looking at? Layout is an open floor plan open to the kitchen with 9' ceilings.




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What is your budget for the surrounds and the front LCRs.


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I tend to agree with your thought process. We use Paradigm Millenium and a Def Tech Mythos setup in our family room to get decent sound and a smaller footprint. We ended up going with a 3.1 setup vs. a 5.1 or similar because we simply don't have a great location to place surrounds in the room. Tucked a smaller sub behind the couch. That's life, and it kills the TV speakers or a speaker bar by a mile.

There are a number of decent speakers in this category out there from a number of manufacturers. Definitive Technology is one of those manufacturers to look at as well. Especially on the used market if you want to save a few bucks.

New, I'm not sure how huge the difference is in the half round aluminum speaker category. Worth listening to some if you can.


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I can see stands being an issue next to that doorway. Your reasoning seems pretty sound.

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