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    Via Gizmodo:

    A Promo Code For Audiophiles Is Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

    Back in September, we ran this same deal of the day and folks really liked it. Basically, Sound Earphones is a pretty cool audio retailer based in Cincinnati, and they carry a lot of high end stuff—Grados, Westone in-ear monitors, amplifiers—that never goes on sale. Sometimes it's because of contractual restrictions, other times it's simply because Grado doesn't need sales to move headphones. Still—full price sucks. So we got together with the homies at Sound Earphones and came up with this deal: the code Dealzmodo takes 20% off Sound Earphones gift cards, which they'll email to you, and then you can use on whatever piece of audio equipment you've been eyeing forever—yes, even Beats. [Sound Earphones]
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