Sony Bravia Theater Quad Impressive Sound from 4 Speakers!



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The Sony Bravia Theater Quad ($2,500) is the next generation of a concept introduced in 2021 with the $1,800 HT-A9 system. Four compact speakers containing four drivers and four amps apiece connect wirelessly to a small control box that sits near your TV. Together, they create immersive surround-sound audio and real stereo music that no soundbar could match.

Don Dunn attended a Sony dealer training a couple of weeks ago for a demo of this system and was mighty impressed. It appears Sony 360 Spatial Mapping works as advertises and gives users placement flexibility and ease of set up in a compact form factor.

Has Sony cracked the code to true home theater performance without the fuss?


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I’ve always dreamed of installing four indoor antennas all around the room. Good thing I have four power outlets just where I need them. Sony reps must shakes hands with cash in their palms. Maybe that was where Bose went wrong. At least their “subwoofers” came with their sets.

This system is limited in many ways. 360 Reality Audio works only via the HDMI IN port. Like DSD it is not available over eARC. Unfortunately, SACD and DVD-AUDIO signals aren’t supported here at all.

A device outputting a 360 Reality Audio signal will need to be connected to the single HDMI IN port. All other devices will need to go directly to the connected TV and use eARC. This limits total connected devices to just four in most cases. Signals from the TV will be limited more still if the TV only supports ARC.

F#%k, if bouncers are on the table and a monster sub is not essential, one can currently pick up a Denon X3800H receiver and a Monoprice 5.1.4 kit for less money than this overpriced s#%t. The sub woofer could be upgraded and duplicated and the entire setup would still come in under the price of the quad system with optional sub.

Oh, and yes. It can play Apple’s Spatial Audio, but only over HDMI from the Apple TV 4K which is just a Dolby Atmos signal.

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