Skooba Expands Checkthrough Laptop Bag Collection



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Skooba Design has introduced the Checkthrough Executive Brief - the latest addition to Skooba's collection of patent-pending "Checkpoint-Friendly" laptop bags. Checkpoint-Friendly bags comply with TSA requirements and specifications that allow them to be sent through airport screening with the laptop left inside. Aside from the obvious convenience of not having to remove the laptop, Checkpoint-Friendly bags help prevent damage, and minimize the chances that the laptop will be one of the tens of thousands lost or stolen in airports in a typical year.

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It's about time somebody came out with a Checkpoint Friendly bag for a 17" laptop. The only other one I've found was a backpack style bag from Mobile Edge that didn't have much room for anything else inside.

Now to see if I can get a deal at Ebags or Amazon for a couple of these.

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