Set up for a denon 2802



<font color='#000000'>I have a Denon 2802 and have no idea how to start the on screen programming. &nbsp;The manual offers little help. &nbsp;What I have done does sound great but I fear I am missing so much the receiver has to offer. &nbsp;Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
My tv is about 5 years old. &nbsp;A 35&quot; Toshiba if that is important.


<font color='#000000'>There a number of ways to set up your new Denon.  I currently own Denon's AVR-3600 receiver, and have set it up a alot of different ways. I will explain as much as I can, sorry if some of this is old news to you.

To start, I ran the monitor output to my TV's Video 2 input.  I am not using any of the receivers internal video switching, so I just removed the video cable after the setup was done.
To enter the setup menu, press the enter button on the remote keypad(the menu button maybe different on your receiver).  Once you enter the menu, the best place to start is at the top of the list, the System Setup.  Start by entering your speaker configuration.  If you have a speaker capable of producing 50Hz, it is safe to set that corresponding speaker to &quot;Large&quot;.  If not, then choose the &quot;Small&quot; option.  A subwoofer crossover level setting is avaliable to you.  You should set this according to the size of your speaker.

&quot;Large&quot; : 80Hz ----&quot;Small&quot; : 120Hz

 Now you must choose wiether or not you want the receiver to use the surround backs all the time, or just when a encoded disc carrys the proper signal.  In my opinion, if you paid for the surround speakers, and a set of surround B's, then you might as well use them.  In this case it is safe to leave the setting &quot;Off&quot;.

Once you have entered your systems speaker configuration, set the systems Delay time.  This feature allows you to set the distances between the listener and the speaker.  The receiver will ask for a unit of measurement(meters/feet).  Simply input the distance that you intend to sit from the FL,FR (mains),Center, and SL,SR(surrounds).  The receiver will take your measurments into account and compansate for them during Surround play back(movies).  With this complete, enter the Channel Level setup.  This step is by far the hardest to do(next to subwoofer placement). To get the best results, a sound level meter needed. If you have a meter, simple cycle through the sound tests(one speaker at a time), adjusting each one to play equally loud at the listening postion.  This is done by adjusting the output level of each speaker.  The output levels may go up or down, depending on your room and speaker placement. Without a meter,  you are forced to do this manually by ear.  It is not as accurate, but will get the job done. Next or at least in my setup, is the Digital Inputs.  This is just a matter of assigning the input to a source.

CD   : Coax or Optical
DVD :  Coax or Optical
(simply choose the input you plan to use)

After tthe above step, all that is left is the tuner setup, which is very straight forward, because the receiver does the setup for you.

Well, that concludes the setup of the AVR 2802.  Happy listening.</font>

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