Satellite speaker issue plz help



Rear satellite speaker issue plz help

Just picked up a JBL Bar 9.1. Worked great for the first day. Second day, the left satellite speaker is barely working. Details:

-there is power and the light is on
-there is sound, but it is barely audible. Can only be heard when placing your ear right next to it, and even then you can barely hear it.
-tried charging it
-tried factory reset
-tried disabling WiFi
-tried updating firmware

Just got off the phone with JBL and they are sending me a replacement satellite speaker. Questions:

-Is it possible that the issue is with the soundbar in general, and not just the satellite speaker? It would be great if a simple satellite replacement fixed everything, but I’m slightly worried about a much larger issue.

-have any of you experienced this before, whether with this particular soundbar or another brand’s wireless satellites?

-do you have any suggestions of what I can do to try to fix it? It’s a brand new item and I kind of want to use it lol. Damn, JBL...


Audioholic Jedi
Did you run the calibration routine mentioned on page 14 of the manual?


Audioholic Jedi
Does it make any difference if you leave them attached to the soundbar? The content you're playing has actual surround content of significant volume? Surrounds are more about effects and operate at a lesser level than the mains....

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