Satechi ST-SX200 AirBass Active Bluetooth Speakers Review

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    Are you looking for new computer speakers? The Satechi ST-SX200 AirBass Active Bluetooth speakers are a great solution. With a single usable input on the back (either 3.5mm or stereo RCA) and Bluetooth, you can connect your computer and stream from your phone or device. The Satechi ST-SX200 have a USB port for charging, a subwoofer output (a rarity on speakers of this size/price), and a very small form factor. With a few caveats, it is hard to find anything really wrong with the Satechi ST-SX200 speakers. At $99/pair, they are a great value and we have no problems recommending them.


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    Looks OK for the price. Also, give it a while and I bet you can get em for much less than MSRP.

    I ordered the Satechi bluetooth speaker that was on the AH gift guide for 2013. For the MSRP of $50, that one is a pass, but for the Amazon price of $25 that I paid, it was worth it.

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