Salamander Intros Rack Mounts for Synergy, Chameleon AV Cabinets



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Salamander Designs introduced new lines of professional audio rack mounts that are compatible with both its award-winning Synergy System and also its flagship Chameleon Collection of high-quality A/V cabinets. The new rack mounts will be on display at CEDIA EXPO 2010, beginning Sept. 23. The new designs allow customers to add rack mount capability to the modular Synergy System and increase an already huge number of product configurations to further meet their audio/video requirements. And for the first time, the new Chameleon Collection mounts allow consumers to incorporate any of 9 decorator styles into a rack system, and make units that are uniquely their own.

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Interestingly, Salamander has allowed for rack rails to be installed on their Synergy racks for years and years. The problem is that they don't really catch, in their designer, that you can't put in rack rail AND doors! I mean, who would want a door on their rack mounted gear right?


Seriously, Salamander makes some decent stuff, but it isn't great, and it is super pricey. I use it from time to time, but I typically prefer what you can get at or other online etailers for far, far less money.

Plus, you can pick up a fairly inexpensive rack, like this one:

and put rack rail into it for under $500 total.

Of course, rack shelves (custom) are about $100 per shelf/component.

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