Review of BQEYZ Spring 2 Earphone


Ahmed Sifat

Pros: Natural Tuning
Good Depth
Good textured and body weight on mid
Clean Vocal
Not Fatigue
Very Premium Build Quality
Includs all needed accessories
Light Weight

Cons: Not Detailed
Bass Balanced
Treble Sensetive may not like it
Bleed on Sub Bass

After using about 8 months now I am writing about my feelings, about my experiences about the BQEYZ Spring 2

Since it was my first tribrid earphone so I was very much excited about it. I have never heard about bqeyz before 2020. So, Spring 2 was my first earphone from Best Quality Earphone for You Z (Full form of bqeyz) brand. Before getting the spring 2 I saw some reviews about the spring 1 and then decided to give a try the spring 2.

After searching on Facebook, I found Elle from BQEYZ brand. We talked about some technical matters about the Spring 2. Elle showed me some photos of spring 2 during production. I will be attached those below. While I was waiting for my shipment to be arrived, I talked to Elle more about it. The main differences from spring 1 was Different Tuning, Dynamic Driver, Piezo Electric driver

The 1st Spring came on September 2019 and the 2nd spring came on August 2020.
So now let’s jump to the main review


The package is perfect in size and also perfect in weight. The package weight sometimes means a lot who imports from abroad. The front design of the front side box was outstanding

IMG_20210521_2204022268×4032 1.37 MB

Inside the Box:

Earphones itself

4 Core Single Crystal Copper cable

1 pair Foam Ear tips

Cleaning Brush

Hard zipper carrying box (Very Useful)

IMG_20210521_2222313507×2268 1.6 MB

6 Pairs Ear tips (I didn’t like the Ear tips quality though, nowadays many companies provide branded ear tips. So, I was expecting something like that)

IMG_20210521_2220412268×4032 2.07 MB


I think they have used the same body that they produced for the spring, only the difference is Wave and round cut on the edge between them. As like the iPhone 5 and iPhone SE Body. But it is a good initiative to not to waste anything from previous production.

Aluminum Body, CNC cut, Smooth metal polish and the finishing is matte. There will be feelings that you are holding a premium Earpiece. Metallic red ring around the surface of the faceplate. 3 vents on the inner body. Sufficient, Nozzle is slightly long but not a problem for me.

IMG_20210521_2216524032×2268 1.82 MB


Many people want to know whether they can use while sleeping, or will it be painful if they sleep on the bed attaching their ear to the bed/pillow surface. Some people want to know whether they can use while using transport/in sub way. There is so much noise on public transport and all They want to buy an earphone which can completely the outside noise.

I will say yes definitely you can use while sleeping, no sharp edges, not aching on the ear. The earphone is very comfortable to wear. Infect the cable is not itching on the ear if you use this spring 2 for a long time.

For sound isolation if you chose an ear tips that perfectly fit in your ear then no outside sound can enter into the ear.


Tribrid. The exceptional driver in it is the piezoelectric driver.

“Piezoelectric speakers are similar to electrodynamic speakers in that they are able to convert a potential difference into motion. … Traditional electrodynamic speakers are made by passing electrical current through coils of wire in the presence of a magnetic field. “(Source: Internet)


I didn’t like the provided ear tips actually. So, I changed the ear tips before trying the earphones. And I used the provided cable. Since I do not have the spring 1 so I cannot make comparison between them.

SO as this has a planer magnetic driver which actually needs a great power source to drive it, an external amplifier is mandatory for it to drive to its maximum potential.

The sound is W shaped. The three drivers respond differently in terms of speed.

IMG_20210521_2227372268×2219 1.36 MB

The sound frequency is linear in the bass section. The bass seems to be neutral & tight. The more accurate word for the bass section is it is balanced. From the frequency curve it also can be verified. But not a bass heavy earphone obviously. Sometimes the mid bass bleed. The sound is not that much in detailed for all kind of song but it is articulate and detailed if the song is voice centric or very few 2/3 instrument is playing. The sound has More Natural Tuning.

The male vocal has good textured, warmth. The vocal has lively appearances. Mids. smooth. There were enough drum kicks, Body weight is good which makes the vocal clean. Crisp more likely. The treble section is handled by the piezoelectric driver. Here the magic begins for treble by the piezo electric driver. This material driver was invented many years ago but the producer could not make it such that it can coherently work with the other drivers. But I think BQEYZ made that possible and this uncommon 9-layer Piezo electric driver is the main reason to exceed 100$ price point.

The treble is not harsh nor fatigue. Sibilant is pretty sharp. Air is not sufficient. I think this earphone is great for those who loves treble and intolerable for treble sensitive people

The Problem I have Faced:

While I connected directly to my laptop sometimes, I feel an electric spark on my left ear and it cause me itching on the ear. Changing the cable has not solved the problem also. But when I use it with a mobile device/ dac then nothing happens. Please let me know if you also faced same kind of issue

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