Request short list of entry level 4k or "Enhanced" 4k projectors



Long term reliability is a major concern. My current ancient Mitsubishi HC6500 1080P projector has never hiccupped over 15 years of moderate use-3rd or 4th bulb now.

Ca. 4-5 years ago my friend bought Epson's first series of 4k-Enhanced projectors (she got the $3k "Pro" model.) I loved the performance, even upscaling lowly 1080P, but she had service problems after a couple years.

Room has almost total light control. 92" perforated retractable screen (ca. $1100 SRP) was new when I mounted the projector 15 years ago.

I went through the misery of hiding the HDMI cable in the ceiling but stupidly did not install a conduit through which I can pull a new HDMI, which I presume is required for 4k or "Enhanced 4k." Total HDMI length from the receiver to projector ca. 25' as it is now (straight up the front wall and back to the projector in the ceiling.) Should I convert to ethernet? If I convert to ethernet and if ca. 50' ethernet is OK, I could run ethernet from the receiver to the floor, to the office on the R wall, along the floor, up next to the door frame, to the ceiling, toward the back wall, then back into the studio and finally 8' over to the projector.

My current projector is mounted only 1' behind my head, ceiling only 7.6'. The Mitsu is dead quiet. I presume the new projector will make much more fan noise. I can mount the new projector closer to the back wall (10' behind the chairs) to minimize fan noise. If necessary, I can also hang a short, damped board between the front of the projector and chairs to minimize noise.
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The 4K Epson PJ that are under 3,000 Lumens are very silent.

Epson should be releasing the new LS12000 this summer sometime. It is a 4K Laser 2700-lumen PJ.


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Epson is generally one of the best models under $3,000 on the market with their 5050UB. The previous model, the 5040UB had a power supply issue that plagued a number of owners. Many were covered under warranty, some were not. This has not presented itself as an issue on the 5050 models from what I understand.

If $3,000 is too much, then I might consider the BenQ 3550 which is a very reliable, but more entry level model, than the Epson. It is also known for high reliability.

Not every projector will last for 10+ years without issue. Fans and other electronics internally are subject to issues over the years. Sometimes they seem to last forever, and go through multiple lamps without problems, and sometimes they don't. So, a guarantee of high reliability is impossible. Kind of like buying a car. You can buy from Honda, but that doesn't mean that Honda you get will be without issue, even if, as a whole, Honda has higher reliability. Higher doesn't mean perfect. Same with projectors.

Likewise, just because your friend had an issue with her Epson, doesn't mean you will. Especially with a newer model.

For HDMI, you will want to run at least one, if not two, fiber HDMI cables which you test before installation as to be working with 4K content. RUIPRO or similar is a decent choice. Definitely plan on upgrading/replacing the cables at some point in the future.

You can certainly put Ethernet in place if you want. Running a quality cat-6 cable is a good thing to do. But, true 18Gb/s HDMI extenders are expensive and don't always work if you try to get them on a budget. HDMI cables are still far more reliable and predictable.

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