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What happens when you combine 4 bass drivers powered 1,000-watt amplifier? That's exactly what I've been asking myself since I heard the news from REL's new 212/SE Subwoofer.

This impressive unit features two active cast alloy front-firing woofers, one passive back-firing radiator and another passive down-firing radiator, all powered by a NextGen3 1,000W (1,700 peak) power amplifier. According to the company, this interesting array makes it perfect for either 2-channel setups and home theater systems.

This is what REL had to say about the 212/SE:
"To produce our highest output single-box solution, we doubled up on the Continuous Cast TM Alloy Bass Engines that bring critical acclaim to Serie S, altering them slightly for this twin front-firing configuration. These twin actives are responsible for 212/SE’s incredible speed and tactility.

Our Continuous CastTM Alloy Cones reduce moving mass while maintaining rigidity, producing far more speed and precision than prior designs. These twin long-stroke 12″ bass engines, partnered with (2) matching 12″ passives provide the speed quality of a REL with a power never felt before. This combination offers the driven surface area of twin 17” drivers in a cabinet just 16” wide. This design allows each driver to output over 110 dB with ease–power enough to drive very large rooms to very high outputs."

Check out the back-firing radiator and amplifier controls:

Here is a close view at the down-firing radiator:

Well, what can a say? I know, know; it isn't cheap. For $4,000 there much to expect from this unit, but given REL's reputation, I believe that this unit could surprise the subwoofer market. We'll see!

  • Freedom LongBow™ Wireless Connectivity.
  • The down firing passive produces deep, floor-crawling bass that makes a room shudder.
  • Its glossy finish is available in white and piano finish.
  • Dual Continuous Cast Alloy Passive Radiator.
  • Twin Continuous Cast TM Alloy Bass Engines.
  • Receiver for wireless connectivity. (You need to purchase REL's optional wireless transmitter to use this feature.
  • Next Gen3 1,000w Digital Amplifier.
  • Dimensions: 32" (H) x 17" (W) x 20 (D).
  • Available: April 2015
Price: $4,000.00

Click on the following thumbnails to zoom in and don't forget to share your impression with us!
212SE_34_Grill-1.jpg 212SE_Front_No_Grill.jpg
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Passive engine is an oxymoron. Also I'd rather get psa triax or gamma 218


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I honestly hope that this sub is not another one of those models that have a narrow band and are extremely peaky in their response judging from past reviews I've read.

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