projector-dvd-HTPC hook up



Junior Audioholic
hi, I am looking for an Infocus projector to run with denon DVD player and HTPC (home theatre PC). but there are couples of question i need help.

1. what is the best video connection. The 7210 has a M1 slot, dvd player got HDMI and my HTPC has DVI, how should i connect these 3 devices to get the best pic. Do i need to buy an AV receiver with HDMI and DVI input, and HDMI out? This is what i have in mind, connect DVD via HDMI to receiver, HTPC via DVI to receiver, and HDMI output from receiver to projector? works? or any other better way?

if i connect diectly from DVD and PC to projector, i have to connect the dvd via HDMI to M1 and component from PC to projector (i will need a DVI to component adpater)? is there any adapter or Y spilter for M1 that allow me to connect both devices to same M1 slot?

my another concern is, how long can i run the HDMI cable or the DVI cable before degration of image occurs?

I am hoping to view some 1080P movie using my HTPC, i understand if i connect my HTPC to projector via component, i am not able to have 1080P resolution, correct me if I am wrong.


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