Hey all
Currently building a house and setting up an entertainment space in my basement. The space will be used to watch sports/tv during the day and movies in the evening. I currently have a 120 inch Da Lite parallax ALR screen. I am looking for the best projector for the space. Currently looking at at the Sony 5000ES or the Epson LS12000. Lighting will be moderate as you see in the arch plans - will have blinds on the windows. I know on paper the Epson seems like a better option due to more lumens but I can’t get past how sharper and clearer the sony’s image looks side by side. Am I crazy to lean towards the Sony? Price point is basically the same. Appreciate any feedback - new to the projector world!


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This is as much personal choice as it is anything else. The Sony is sharp, and will look quite good. Generally the tone mapping for HDR content on the Epson is better. From normal viewing distances, most people can't tell the difference in resolution from one model to the next and I'm not sure if you've seen both of these models in person or just through online reviews.

While I would personally lean towards the Epson, I'm not sure how much feedback you are going to get here, and you may have better luck asking this question over at AVS where people have ownership of both models and many have actually seen them both for more direct comparison and consideration of them.


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I think a lot of these comparisons are kind of funny because people are doing CLOSEUP comparisons as if we are sitting 1 ft away from the screen. :D

When we are sitting 14-18 FT away from the screen, how do they really compare? :D

So I think more lumens is going to be more important.

I would go back to compare, but stand farther away and see which one is brighter or better to your eyes.

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